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Safety & Riding Advice.

  1. The recommended personal protective equipment is Helmet, Gloves/Wrist Guards, Elbow Pads, Knee Pads and Body Protection.

  1. Before you attempt to use your unicycle please carefully read all safety instructions, documentation and manuals, fully familiarise yourself with all controls, functions and safety features.

  2. Never disable the manufacturer's safety features or warning alarms. Disabling any safety feature or alarm may result in serious injury and if you do so, you do so at your own risk! Always pay attention to any warning indications or alarms. If in doubt stop, inspect the unicycle and make sure it is safe to continue.

  3. Protect your unicycle because, at some stage during the learning to ride process, you may have to step-off and let the unicycle go. Our preferred method of protection is to use layers of "Gaffa"/Cloth tape over the critical damage zones. Gaffa tape is cheap, applies easily because it tears easily into strips, is resistant to abrasion and more importantly is easier to remove than foam strips and double sided tape because it leaves little or no adhesive residue.

  4. Practice, Practice and Practice is the key, don’t be impressed by claims of people learning to ride in half an hour everybody learns at their own rate.

  5. Always ride within your capability, don’t show off or attempt crazy stunts. Be courteous to the people around you.

  6. The more time you take to properly learn the basics the better the rider you will be and the more enjoyment it will bring, safely and comfortably.

  7. Learning the basics means being able to control the device properly and step on and off with ease, unsupported.

  8. Start by placing your dominant foot on the pedal with the other foot on the ground and striking an arc with the wheel under control.

  9. When you can control the wheel with one foot on the ground the next step is step-on with both feet.

  10. We would advise against practicing the full step-on with another human but instead use a wall or fence preferably with horizontal grab holds, a wire fence along a tennis court is ideal.

11. We would advise against another human for support because you need to focus and may have to jump off and let the unicycle go without having to worry about injuring your partner.
12. Once you have identified a suitable learning aid spend as long as it takes going up and down along the fence/learning aid stepping off and on at each end until it feels like second nature, like riding a bicycle.
13. Gradually wean yourself away from the learning aid by gradually increasing the distance you travel unsupported.
14. You will eventually be able to go the full length of the learning aid unsupported and feel comfortable stepping-on and off.
15. You may find that you prefer going one direction along the learning aid more than the other, this is normal and will pass.
16. For your first few rides unsupported pick a flat, straight and quiet route. You don’t want to encounter too many people or hills at this stage.
17. Once you are comfortable with the above gradually tackle small hills until you are comfortable. You will find going uphill is a lot easier initially than downhill because you can lean into the hill and power up the hill. Going downhill can feel a little strange at first because you may have to lean backwards to slow down and the wheel will make small tilt corrections to keep you level. Slow and steady is the watch-word here.

18. Gradually increase the steepness of hills until you feel comfortable ascending and descending the steepest hills that you are likely to encounter on your normal rides.

19. The next phase is the experience phase, ideally if you can ride the same route over and over again i.e. like a daily commute to work then you will learn a lot about your riding style and does and don’t. My first commutes took in the region of 45 minutes with frequent controlled step-offs I now ride the same route in 26 minutes with no step-offs.
20. Ditch the phone and app and get a GPS watch It is safer, displayed data is configurable and your route can be saved for analysis later. This has helped me knock 15 minutes off my daily commute!

21. Lastly, be safe and enjoy the unique experience and sense of freedom !